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Concentration Area / Research Lines / Projects

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Concentration Area: Management of Productive Systems and Regional Development

Develop studies that allow the production of knowledge related to regional development in its economic, social and environmental form, considering aspects of planning and management of the production of goods and services.



Develop studies that allow the production of knowledge for the promotion of advances for society in the economic, social and environmental dimensions, fostering public policies both in the local and regional context. Projects:

Cities and Territories: Contribute to the development of studies that promote development and contribute to the reduction of urban asymmetries, thinking of cities and territories as spaces for good living with adequate public service systems. It is expected the development of inter and multidisciplinary projects involving multiple perspectives and applications, such as knowledge of engineering, education, transport, environment, health, management, business, energy economy, as well as other areas of knowledge.

Entrepreneurship and Social Technologies: The Entrepreneurship and Social Technologies project seeks to promote extension and/or research projects that contribute to the implementation of more sustainable and entrepreneurial practices, valuing the role of social actors. It explores themes related to sustainability, gender, technology development, solidary economy, entrepreneurial intelligence and the economy of innovation.

Quality of life, services and technologies: Contribute to the improvement of organizations that provide public services with the objective of proposing improvements in prevention, care and management systems, including the management of material and information flows, as well as the development of technological applications for optimizing results.



Develop studies that allow the production of knowledge that provides subsidies for interventions, by public and private organizations, related to the development process of productive systems. Projects:

Production and Consumption Systems: Develop studies on production systems and their relationship with productivity, proposing technologies, distribution channels, financial studies, as well as evaluating trends in terms of consumption behavior.

Competitiveness and productive systems: Thinking about organizations in their multiple dimensions, studying the worker's quality of life, studies of financial analysis, market feasibility, entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as management studies applied to business arrangements/networks.

Promotion and Dissemination of Sustainable Thinking: Understanding the importance of consumer markets, public policies and organizations in the face of the challenges imposed by the current ecological crisis. The project has an interdisciplinary perspective in seeking to understand the socio-environmental transformations inherent to this transition, covering issues related to economic models, life cycle thinking, environmental and social innovations, and environmental technological education.

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