The International Symposium on Instrumentation Systems, Circuits, and Transducers – INSCIT is a forum dedicated to discussing research and development in instrumentation, focusing systems, subsystems, and circuits required for measurement, including transducers, data conversion, storage and transmission, power management and testing. The symposium aims to bring together researchers working in the fields of instrumentation and measurement science, circuits, transducers and systems design, covering both integrated and discrete solutions. Accepted papers will be submitted for inclusion into IEEEXplore, subject to meeting IEEE Xplore’s scope and quality requirements. The best papers will be invited to resubmit an extended version to be considered for publication in JICS – Journal of Integrated Circuits and Systems. The areas of interest include:

  • Detectors, Sensors and Transducers Systems and Techniques
  • Measurement Systems Theory and Architectures
  • Circuits and Systems Testing
  • RF, MW and mmW measurement circuits and techniques
  • Systems and Circuits for WSN and IoT
  • Measurement of non-electrical quantities
  • Electric and magnetic instrumentation and measurement
  • Energy Harvesting and Wireless Power Transferring
  • Analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters
  • Signal Processing and Data Storage
  • RFID and Short-Distance Radios

Preliminary Program

Important Dates
Paper submission Hard deadline:
31.03.2023 | 23.04.2023 | 15.05.2023
Notification of acceptance:
26.05.2023 | 05.06.2023 | 12.06.2023
Camera-ready deadline:
16.06.2023 | 19.06.2023 | 26.06.2023

General Chair
Patrícia Lustoza de Souza, PUC-Rio, Brazil

Program Chairs
Sebastian Yuri Catunda, UFRN
Fernando Sousa, UFSC
Elyson Carvalho, UFS

Tutorial Chair
Marcelo Pavanello, FEI, Brazil

Panels Chair
Marcelo Lubaszewski, UFRGS, Brazil

Local Arrangements Chairs
Ana Barros, CEFET Rio, Brazil
Fabián Olivera, CEFET Rio, Brazil
Germano Maioli Penello, UFRJ, Brazil
Guilherme Torelly, PUC-Rio, Brazil
Maurício Pamplona Pires, UFRJ, Brazil
Roberto Jakomin, UFRJ, Brazil

Finance Chairs
Jacobus Swart, Unicamp, Brazil
Aymara Villela, Unicamp, Brazil
Celina Yunaka USP, Brazil

Publicity Chair
Raimundo Freire, UFCG

Publication Chair
Valner Brusamarello, UFRGS

Exhibition Chair
Mauricio Pamplona Pires, UFRJ, Brazil

Liaison Chairs Americas/Asia/Europe
Max Cortner, IEEE-IMS, USA
Jorge F. Daher, CIEA, Uruguai
Chi Hung Hwang, NARLabs, Taiwan
Dominique Dallet, IMS, France

Co-located Events:
36th SBCCI, Symposium On Integrated Circuits And Systems Design
37th SBMicro, Symposium on Microelectronics Technology
13rd WCAS, Workshop on Circuits and Systems Design
23rd SForum, Microelectronics Students Forum